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Are you a certified pilates teacher looking to teach classes or private/group events in a thriving, inclusive pilates environment? We are always looking for upbeat, energetic teachers to add to our ever-growing teaching team!

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Teacher Training Information:

Not certified in pilates yet but looking to be? Become a certified teacher with us and Balanced Body!

One of our very own teachers, Olivia Stuart, is a Master Balanced Body Trainer that teaches many of our teachers here in CLT.

Located in Mooresville, NC, Olivia runs the teacher training program monthly for you! She has updated her schedule for the 2023 calendar year when the courses will be offered.

To start, clients take a Movement Principles Course, and if they like the course and would like to continue to learn, we recommend Mat & Reformer courses to teach at BK Pilates.

Check out Olivia's course schedule, when Movement Principles begins, and the price according to each module. It will also explain the hours, location, price and the courses' details.

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